16 March, 2012

Playing around on the blogger app....

I thought I would try the blogger app and see how it works. So here is a photo of the fireplace in the living room.

15 March, 2012

Wow! I did an update.....

So I think I maybe back to blogging again.
It's been so long that things have changed dramatically on Blogger so hopefully I'll be able to figure it out.  So what have I've been up to all these months?

Well we moved into a new house!
Exciting and super busy.
Trying to keep up with my kids and everything that they are doing.
Also recently I purchased a new camera.  A Canon Rebel t2i! 
Super happy about this because I've wanted this camera for a few years.

And I have been reading some books.
Below is the book I just finished.  The Forgotten Garden.  Really good book and I read the majority of it in two days.  It was the book picked for the book club I'm in, so next week we'll get to discuss it.  The story is told from three different perspectives and is set in three different times.  There is a mystery to be solved and the story definitely has you guessing as to how it is going to end.  I found myself thinking about the characters for a few days even after I had finished reading the book.  It's a fairly thick book but that shouldn't scare you because it is an easier read.

Next up on my reading list is The Faith Club.  I'm not finished yet but boy, is it ever interesting.  I enjoy this topic quite a bit.  What makes this book interesting is that it feels like you are listening in on their conversations about religion.  I have learned a few things and I'm only a quarter of the way through it.  The women describe their religions in ways that are easy to understand.  I'll let you know how the book finishes up when I get to the end.

Soon to come on the good old blog:
pics of the kids!  They have grown!
pics of the new house.
And anything else that tickles my fancy.

26 August, 2011

Grateful Friday

This week feels like a long one but I feel grateful for so many things.

A husband that has a job and who works really hard.
Having the money to put my kids in an extracurricular activity each.
Friends to have play dates with. It keeps me sane.
A garden full of fresh veggies.
My iPhone because it truly makes my life easier. Especially when I forget my camera!

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